Postdoctoral Fellowships @ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Israel


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU)

The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR)

The Jacob Blaustein Center for Scientific Cooperation (BCSC)

Candidates interested in conducting postdoctoral research at the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR) are invited to apply for postdoctoral fellowships from the Jacob Blaustein Center for Scientific Cooperation. These fellowships are for the 2020-2021 academic year and are eligible to be renewed for a second year. Postdoctoral positions are available for scholars performing research in topics related to drylands, including: desert ecology, solar energy, environmental physics, architecture and urban planning, rainfed and irrigated agriculture, hydrology, aquaculture, environmental microbiology, desalination and water treatment, and biotechnology. A detailed list of the various research activities of the Institutes’ faculty can be found at Researchers list

Candidates should contact a prospective supervisor to develop a research program with him/her before applying for the BCSC postdoctoral fellowship.

 Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to candidates who received their Ph.D. degree within the last five years from the start date of the postdoctoral position.

 The program is open to scientists from all over the world.

 The current value of a yearly BCSC fellowship is approximately $25,000 USD (paid in NIS (Israeli currency)). Housing costs are not included.

 Exceptional candidates may be awarded the prestigious Jacob Blaustein Fellowship, which includes a yearly fellowship of approximately $27,000 USD (paid in NIS (Israeli currency)), a roundtrip air ticket, and complementary lodging at the BIDR’s student/scholar housing unit. All applicants are automatically considered for this fellowship and no additional material is required to apply.

 The deadline for applications is March 2, 2020 and applicants will be notified of the BCSC Steering Committee’s decision in May 2019.

 Fellowships are not available to those who received their Ph.D. at BGU.

 Detailed instructions on the preparation and submission of applications can be found at : Submission Instructions

Application Process

1.    You must complete the application form Application form – BCSC scholarship 2020-2021

2.    You must send copies of your undergraduate and graduate degree diplomas and grade transcripts, as PDF or Word attachments, to the BCSC office, by email to 

 3.  3 reference letters, your ​referees should be faculty members who have taught and/or worked with you. One of the referees should be your dissertation advisor. Ideally, another referee should be a scientist who is familiar with your work but is from a university other than your own. Please instruct your referees that their reference letters should be sent directly to the BCSC office, as a PDF or Word with the institute’s letterhead and  signature Attachment at

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