Aarhus University, Denmark Invites Applications for 23 PhD Positions

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Aarhus University Invites Applications for 23 PhD Positions: The Graduate School of Science and Technology, Aarhus University invites highly qualified students from all over the world to apply for PhD admission.

PhD projects:

  • Individual projects: You can apply for admission to a graduate school based on your academic record and a project proposal prepared by you.
  • Specified projects: You can apply for a number of specific PhD positions with predefined project descriptions. Predefined projects are announced on the individual graduate school websites.

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Below you will find a general description of all PhD cholarships/fellowships (specified projects) at Aarhus University. 


Understanding carbon fluxes and transformations for greenhouse gas mitigation in cropping systems

Carbon flows and microbial processes affecting soil organic carbon in intensive biomass production systems

Mass spectrometry-based elucidation of the influence of secondary metabolites on micro-scale carbon and nitrogen cycling in legume rhizospheres

Animal Science:

ANIMAL CONTACT – an interdisciplinary project focusing on measuring behavioural, physiological and psychometric responses to contact with dogs

Development of a pig model of colitis-complex diarrhea with focus on colonic microbial fermentation  


Exploring patterns and processes in shallow lakes greenhouse gas dynamics in response to eutrophication and climate change 

Computer Science:

PhD students for Center for Basic Research in Program Verification

Visualization of Knowledge Graphs for Validation, Modification, and Optimization

Data Summarization, Representation, Search, and Analysis of (Medical) Knowledge Graphs

Program Analysis and Testing

Programming language design, analysis and verification

Computational Complexity of Equilibria and Fixed Points


Open Deep Learning toolkit for Robotics (OpenDR) – 2 available positions

Deep learning for end-to-end motion planning of unmanned aerial vehicles

Programmable Synthesis of Designer Lipids and Phospholipids – Linking chemistry & physics with function and manufacture

Narrow-linewidth diode lasers and nonlinear phenomena

Manure system for reduction of ammonia, odour and greenhouse gases from livestock houses

Compressed learning and analytics at edge cloud

Mobile Edge Intelligence for Time Critical IoT  

Environmental Sciences:

University CO2 neutrality analysis and methods

Food Science:

DIGIFOOD: Digital opportunities in the prediction of implicit versus explicit consumer preference and behaviour


Nanobioelectrodes for intra- and extracellular analysis of biofilm development and degradation

Green surfactants in detergent formulation: Interactions and synergies between surfactants and enzymes

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Biozentrum PhD Fellowships in life sciences – Winter Call 2020

Applications are Invited for the International PhD Program (IMPRS-IEM), Germany

15 Fully funded PhD studentships in Quantitative Biology, Switzerland

OIST Call For PhD Admission, Japan

University of Cambridge International PhD Programme in Molecular Biology

51 Funded PhD positions @ Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium

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